Electric Audi Q4 Coming To America, BYD Tang 600 Coming To Norway

Assuming the coronavirus doesn’t send us all back to living in caves and walking everywhere, the auto industry is planning to slowly emerge from its state of suspended animation and resume selling cars. Audi says its Q4 electric SUV will be on its way to American showrooms soon while BYD will bring an electric SUV of its own to customers in Norway.

Q4 Least Expensive Electric Audi

Audi Q4 electric SUV
Image credit: Audi

There’s good news for Audi fans. According to Car & Driver, the Q4, an all electric dual motor SUV, is coming to America sometime in 2021. The Q4 will be the first Audi built on the Volkswagen MEB modular EV chassis and will start at around $45,000. That’s $30,000 less than any other electric Audi for sale in the US.

The car is officially still a concept but it is expected to go into production late this year. It will come with an 82 kWh battery that can be recharged in about 30 minutes using a DC fast charger. Range is said to be 280 miles but no EPA rating has yet been given for the car. Typically, EPA numbers are about 15% less than the WLTP numbers used by European manufacturers. Sharp-eyed readers will note the Q4 sticker price is about $5,000 more than the top of the line Volkswagen ID.3 Pro S.

According to Car & Driver, the Audi Q4 will be offered in three trim levels: Premium, starting at $45,000; Premium Plus, starting at $50,000; and Prestige, starting at $55,000. Those last two prices are guesstimates for the time being. Audi has not released any pricing details except to say the entry level car will begin at around the $45,000 level. How odd that “Premium” is now the new term for a decontented basic car.

C&D suggests (subject to new information from Audi) that drivers may need to step up to the Prestige trim to get features like adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist. But for that price they will get heated seats that include a massage function. Oh, joy!

BYD Tang 600 EV For Norway

BYD Tang 600 electric SUV
Image credit: BYD

Chinese manufacturers are looking beyond the domestic market for future sales. BYD, one of the largest electric car manufacturers in China, says it will begin selling its Tang 600 electric SUV in Norway soon. The Tang 600 has an 82 kWh battery and two 150 kW electric motors. Its range as measured by the NEDC test cycle is given as 373 miles. EPA ratings are typically about one third less.

Isbrand Ho, managing director of BYD Europe, says in a press release, “The Norwegian market is the natural choice for BYD to start this trial as we look to expand our EV presence in Europe. Norway is the most advanced market in Europe when it comes to the widespread adoption and usage of electric vehicles as well as possessing a comprehensive charging network. We will closely evaluate how the market performs, but, in the longer term, it is our aim to expand passenger car sales beyond Norway.

“We are delighted to be expanding our portfolio with the addition of these new pure-electric vehicles,” he adds. “This is another milestone in our commitment to protect the environment, contributing to the reduction of emissions and cleaner air in Europe. During our marketing trial, we are confident that the BYD Tang’s range, design, practicality and high level technology will appeal to discerning European buyers. We are on track also to introduce BYD eTrucks this year, with a range of full-electric vehicles including a panel van, a 7.5-tonner, a 19-tonner and a yard tractor.”

BYD electric van
Image credit: BYD

Prices and other specs have not yet been released, but the Tang 600 looks to be a thoroughly modern design that should appeal to buyers looking for an electric SUV. It has taken a while for companies to create electric vehicles for the hottest part of the new car market but it seems the wait is nearly over for customers who want a variety of electric SUVs to choose from. 

Source of information: CleanTechnica


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