Tesla & Chongqing (China) Talk Projects — Probably Not A Factory

Tesla and the municipality of Chongqing are reportedly in talks to accelerate some projects. This little nugget of gold was shared by Tesla Owners of Vancouver and confirmed by Reuters, which reported that Tesla met with officials from a district in Chongqing, which is located in southwestern China. The topic was “accelerating projects,” according to the Liangjang New Area.


German EV Market Share Triples To 7.3% In May

Europe’s largest auto market, Germany, saw plugin electric vehicle market share of 7.3% in May, up from 2.4% a year ago. Meanwhile, the overall auto market volume was down 50% year on year. New government stimulus measures will give electric vehicles a further boost in the coming months.


Electric Audi Q4 Coming To America, BYD Tang 600 Coming To Norway

Assuming the coronavirus doesn’t send us all back to living in caves and walking everywhere, the auto industry is planning to slowly emerge from its state of suspended animation and resume selling cars. Audi says its Q4 electric SUV will be on its way to American showrooms soon while BYD will bring an electric SUV of its own to customers in Norway.


ABB Uses Involvement In Formula E To Drive Battery & Charging Technology Forward

Swiss technology company ABB is a title sponsor of Formula E, the electric racing series patterned after Formula One. Recently, Frank Muehlon, head of e-mobility infrastructure solutions for the company, sat down with Forbes contributor Alistair Charlton to talk about battery and charging technology and how rapidly they have advanced in a few short years.


Better Late Than Never, Bentley Plans To Join The EV Movement … In 2025

Bentley has dipped its toes into the EV movement by beginning conceptual work on a new “saloon” that will hopefully be its first fully electric vehicle. Bentley hopes to establish global leadership in these areas by revealing its first EV by 2025.


US Car Dealers Embrace Online Sales As Coronavirus Shuts Down Showrooms

The coronavirus is forcing people to rethink what normal is. The pandemic is making it clear the internet can provide a substitute for many of the things we used to think of as normal — like going to a dealership to shop for a car.


KIA & Electrify America Team Up For Fast Charging

KIA and Electrify America are teaming up to provide owners of the KIA Niro EV with a simple, easy to use charging experience when away from home. Called KIA Select, it provides immediate access to Electrify America’s DC fast charging network for one flat rate charge of 35 cents per minute.


Siemens Brings Street Light EV Charging To London Neighborhood

Siemens, in partnership with EV charging company ubitricity, has converted all 24 lamp posts along Sutherland Avenue — all one kilometer of it — in the Westminster section of London to serve as EV charging stations.


Volkswagen Confirms Summer Launch For ID.3, Says It Will Cost Less Than Gas/Diesel Models

The Volkswagen Group is investing $33 billion to bring electric cars to the market and says it will be the largest electric car manufacturer in the world by 2025. The competition between Tesla and VW will be fun to watch.


Germany’s EV Market Share Keeps Growing — Hits 6.9% in February

With more EV models coming available throughout 2020, and at more affordable prices, Germany’s EV market share for full-year 2020 may climb to 7% or higher, potentially giving the country something approaching 250,000 total EV sales.


Beijing shifts from EV subsidies to setting quotas for carmakers

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Tuesday released its 15-year EV plan. The “draft development” plan sets a target for EVs to account for 25% of annual new light-vehicle sales by 2025 ­— with no targets specified beyond that year. That’s up from the 20% goal it set two years ago.



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